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How does MSM plan the narratives?

Herd mentality. This nature of following the majority is preyed upon by those that designed the world.

Q 4397

News is presented as opinion free facts, search sites are presented as unbiased tools to find information, and stars are presented as wise beacons of discourse.

The truth is they all work together to steer people down a path. Social media and search sites use algorithms to steer narratives. News sites and stars repeat lies in echo chambers until people perceive it as the only truth.

08/17/2020 Broadcast coverage of Trump 95% negative

A handful of billionaires own the MSM. That’s just common knowledge.

We are bombarded with narratives to program us, a million doors inviting us to enter with the promise of truth, but they lead to a million different lies. Even the ones that reject lies are often themselves liars. The Alex Jones of the worlds add a layer of complexity for those that break through the first layer of lies only to find themselves still inside the “matrix”.


They employ thousands of agents to promote certain politicians and destroy others, to squash certain conversations and promote others. There are countless chunks of media that have to all be coordinated precisely for that effect. So that they know exactly which stories are GO and which are STOP.

How do they hide this coordination in plain sight?

Symbolism comms.

We are all barraged by a constant stream of updates from a few media giants, constantly updated about science, history, art, music, and politics. But we do not all see the same things in these updates. We do not understand their significance.

Agents big and small send comms, often in advance of things dropping to prep the media “push” Case in point. Define the symbolism of a media push with an “arm”

Note the man with his arm broken has the same name as Trump. Located at “Lincoln” (taking out comm) A comm prepping the media for the onslaught the next day. To break the “funny bone” of Trump. (not able to laugh off this scandal)

When you dig into how Access Hollywood tape even happened, well, things are rarely what they appear to be. Short answer = that tape exists because it was his ticket to getting good press 2005-2015.

Big and small ops – e.g. we may understand half a billion dollars is a lot of money, but what does it mean for that much money to change hands from Saudi Arabia to Russia via a painting? Do they really care that much about a scrap of paper? Or is there something else that’s being bought?

When Q says “THE WORLD IS NOT HOW YOU VIEW IT.” it’s because there is a great difficulty in comprehending the precise nature in which the the world is fake.

The truth is not found in the inviting doors that say yay or nay to a narrative, but instead truth hides inside the lies. The form of these lies that are also truth is called symbolism.

Clowns would infiltrate the boards and push illogical (but evocative and simplistic) insanity, but the truth is very logical, it’s just so different from the brainwash that most can’t process it at a glance.

Most would likely reject Q outright if said bluntly, and this is why Q frequently says things like “Conspiracy Risk” whenever Q is about to tread on such territory.

I cover many such hard truths in posts. When the mass media talks about conspiracies involving “Aliens” they often mean foreign agents. Having it be silly is just another layer of obfuscation.

There are many conspiracy theories with logical answers like that.

There are even entire fields of “science” that are founded in lies and thriving to this day due to a need to send comms. <- There are so many things in “science” and “history” – that make so much more sense when you know comms.

These are just small examples of the simple yet complex secret language that is used all around us. All in plain sight – a way to hide information in the “Breaking news” of virtually every subject that exists. Including both fake and real “Science” almost everything is rigged to send comms. but many of the people that help rigging aren’t even aware they are doing it. It’s all made to be invisible to the uninitiated.

In some cases you’ll have people with Q level access leak info then that info gets sent to agents who create a small “event” – which then in turn is picked up by MSM which spreads it. It’s a way to give classified data to the clowns while avoiding the masses.

For example – when Epstein was nearly killed – did you know they sent a “In-N-Out” burger comm just before it?

And then after he died.

08/15/2019 Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger in first photos since his death Reading “The Book: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,” a nonfiction best-seller.

But that’s just one part of how all this works

For the most part it’s enough to know that viewing symbolism as part of the world is the largest step in going from being a member of the brainwashed to the elite.

Because at that point even the clowns that lead patriots astray by explaining comms incorrectly become clearly visible, because they too coordinate using symbolism comms.

Comms used that tell other clowns what they are in the grand scheme of things. Other comms that scream to those that control the algo’s “Promote me!” – and all those not using these comms simply go ignored.

This is why they NEED SYMBOLISM – because it is what allows them talk with sheep right in front of them yet only the other shepherds hear what they are really saying.

This blog is dedicated to shining a light on the dark side of the moon.

You likely did not have had the advantage of being taught the true form of the world when you were a child, but it’s never to late learn a new language.

To understand how major events are planned in plain sight.

How they are planned far in advance.

To understand why so many powerful people have unique names

To understand why so many irrelevant events get reported over and over again for generations.

To understand why so many things get major news attention.

There are many disinfo pushes that try and prevent you from seeing the true face of it. A common theme in that disinfo is that they simply assert things with a “just trust me” but here I welcome scrutiny, I’m not always right but I do show you exactly why I think what I think at every stage.

I suggest clicking on Post List to begin and just picking a topic or person of interest to you. You won’t get it right away, but over time it may just click.