Let’s start from the beginning.

Symbols are prominent at every level of society, and you already know tons of them.

They define what and where things are without the need for words.

If you understand the symbols below then you already know how to decode. It is no different than recognizing the basic attributes of a thing and reconciling context.

They define what kinds of actions are or are not allowed, they can define the affiliation of a location and much more.

You already do that all the time!

You also surely have had an inside joke or two in your lifetime. Say one of your friends years ago shaved his mustache into a Hitler Stache for Halloween, you never let him live it down and your friends still occasionally call him Hitler as a joke.

That makes your friend what? Yes, that makes them a symbol of Hitler. However to anyone outside your group of friends they don’t understand because they weren’t there.

That’s what the world of comms is! Thousands of inside jokes you aren’t in on that involve all sorts of different symbolism.

I decode symbolism, but not in the way disinfo merchants do it. I am not the status quo online. I will never ask you to trust outlandish claims with nothing but my word. In my posts I walk you through the research I did as I explain why I believe what I believe.

I’ll give you an example of what I do here. (One of thousands)

Agents big and small send comms, often in advance of things dropping to prep the media “push” And one comms I decode consistently in the news involves equating a “Media Push” to that of of an “arm” doing the pushing therefore… what does it mean if a “Cable Guy” breaks a “Funny Bone”?

  • 10/06/2016 “Cable Guy” breaks “Funny Bone”
  • 10/07/2016 Access Hollywood Scandal begins
There are other comms in this, but I’m sticking to the simple ones for the intro.

Note the man with his arm broken shares a name with Trump. This is a comm prepping the media for the propaganda onslaught the next day. The goal is to break the “funny bone” of Trump. i.e. Trump will not able to laugh off this scandal.

Note all the little details, GROTESQUE, kids covering mouths in horror, notice the name JOHN same as Trump’s middle. Note he’s an “Army Vet” reconcile with the military backing of Trump. Breaking the “Funny Bone” is because it was a joke, and so they go for a media “Push” hence CABLE NEWS Breaking Trump. Note the “Close competition, until it isn’t” because this was to be the knockout blow, and it nearly was.

Here’s another one the day before the scandal hit – Tom Hanks Gathering up celebrities for the smear campaign. “Galaxy of stars” to assemble – “Girls recommended!” as in having girls condem, and they certainly did.

  • 10/06/2016 “Cable Guy” breaks John’s “Funny Bone”
  • 10/06/2016 Tom Hanx Coordinates girl “stars” to get ready to “Cook”
  • 10/07/2016 Access Hollywood Scandal begins

When you dig into how Access Hollywood tape even happened, things are rarely what they appear to be. Short answer = that tape exists because it was Trump’s ticket to getting good press 2005-2015.

note the comms sent during the time he was recorded in the access Hollywood tape. They involved Trump having someone hand him a paper and tell him what to say. Then it states that “Donald shuts up and does what he’s told”

I picked the ones above because it didn’t require historical context to understand, the majority of my decodes require a lot of research laid out to demonstrate what means what and why.

For example: How much do you know about “Q Clearance”?

Q Clearance is traced to Nuclear handling….

Compartmentalized = Need to Know basis, i.e. even those who know only know part of the truth!

Is this secrecy regarding nuclear due to how dangerous they are? Or like most things kept away from the public’s eyes, is there a deeper history that bears little resemblance to what is officially known?

I go over it here, There are many easy answers online, but that’s not what I do here. If you click that link be prepared for mind blows far beyond anything you’ve seen on disinfo sites. Because the truth really is stranger than fiction. And every assertion is paired with sourced history to back it up that even MSM couldn’t reject. (they would never even field the questions)

For another example, you probably already know that 5:5 = Clear understanding of comms.

Now take a look at the traffic on my site, notice the pumping I got on the first 3 days of this blog. 55k/5:5 -> 17k/Q -> 5.5k/5:5

A comm of clear communication of Q! And then… dead traffic, because while patriots are willing to give me a wink that I’m on the right path, they aren’t going to force it on people. I suspect they think that if what I do can’t spread through word of mouth (Organically) then people simply aren’t ready for it.

I present here a marriage of theory and research. Roughly 50% of any post I’ve made is me walking you through the research that led me to any particular conclusion.

When possible I even argue against my own conclusions because I know from experience I might not have all the right answers.

Let me repeat that: I’m not always right.

This philosophy is different than clowns online and in the media.

The media claims to have facts backing assertions, but do they? Or is it unnamed sources and opinion? How often is it just lies weaponized thru echo chambers to create a narrative?

Q 4397

Liars are presented as honest on cable news, search sites online are presented as unbiased tools to find information, and stars are presented as wise beacons of discourse.

While exceptions exist, for the most part it’s been lies for generations.

The truth is a small club of billionaires pull strings on millions of blackmailed millionaires to steer people down a path. Social media and search sites use algorithms to steer narratives. News sites and stars repeat talking points until people perceive it as the only way to perceive any given event.

A million routes to find information…. but they all lead up the vine to just a few mouths.

08/17/2020 Broadcast coverage of Trump 95% negative

Those tiny few at the top of that chain bombard us with narratives to program.

Even the ones that reject lies are often themselves liars. The Alex Jones of the worlds add a layer of complexity for those that break through the first layer of lies only to find themselves still inside the “matrix”.

Certain conversations are promoted and others are squashed. There are countless chunks of media that have to all be coordinated precisely for that effect. So that they know exactly which stories are GO and which are STOP.

How do they hide this coordination in plain sight?

The Answer: Symbolism comms

We are all barraged by a constant stream of updates from a few media giants, constantly updated about science, history, art, music, and politics. But we do not all see the same things in these updates. We are not meant to understand their significance.

Big and small ops – e.g. we may understand half a billion dollars is a lot of money, but what does it mean for that much money to change hands from Saudi Arabia to Russia via a painting? Do they really care that much about a scrap of paper? Or is there something else that’s being bought?

When Q says “THE WORLD IS NOT HOW YOU VIEW IT.” it’s because there is a great difficulty in comprehending the precise nature in which the world is fake.

The truth is not found in the inviting doors that say yay or nay to a narrative, but instead truth hides inside the lies. The form of these lies that are also truth is called symbolism.

There are so many reasons this simple truth is hidden… because who is going to tell who what?

Clowns often infiltrate message boards and push illogical (but evocative and simplistic) insanity, but the truth is logical, but it’s so different from the brainwash that most can’t process it at a glance.

Most would reject Q outright if said bluntly, and this is why Q frequently says things like “Conspiracy Risk” whenever Q is about to tread on such territory.

I cover many such hard truths in posts. When the mass media talks about conspiracies involving “Aliens” they mean foreign agents. Having it be silly green men is a layer of obfuscation.

There are many conspiracy theories with logical answers like that.

Here’s another example of a comm shared between the day after Hefner and Epstein died.

  • 08/09/2019 = Russia Hides a Nuclear accident!
  • 08/10/2019 = CIA Blackmailer Epstein Dead
  • 09/26/2017 = Russia hides a Nuclear Accident!
  • 09/27/2017 = CIA Blackmailer Hefner Dead
09/26/2017 Nuclear explosion kept secret by Russia

08/12/2019 Streamer Ninja Calls Out Twitch For Shameful Practices And Streaming Pornography

Note once again we have RUSSIA symbolism, and pornography symbolism (Epstein) with Ninja who is the most popular streamer in the world. As for what it meant? I go into it here, but let’s not dwell on that one, instead note this pic again. Do you see a little bit more this time? Note the money the King of Saudi Arabia paid to a RUSSIAN oligarch that same year, record breaking HALF A BILLION DOLLARS.

Meaning RUSSIA is a symbol being used for the patriots in these contexts. And if you consider the daily drumbeat of Trump = Russia MSM has been going on about, you already know why. It’s already synonymous with Trump and his side, that’s why it can be used as a symbol!

However you may wonder, why on earth were Nuclear Weapons being used for comms like this? Why in conjunction with pornography?

Symbolism of a BOOM! – tho there is a much longer more mind-blowing answer if you want to read my posts on it.

When you dig deep enough you realize that history itself is coded with symbolism. And the only way to understand any of it is to know comms.

For example, what caused World War 2?

It’s basic history that Germany became extreme in large part due to Hitler manipulating an atmosphere that was created by a lingering humiliation due to crippling debt repayment, but if you are fluent in comms the story on WHY becomes the most important one. And then what really happened becomes clear as day!

You realize the major figures and events of the war were coordinated into that design.

04/18/2013 1913: When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud, Stalin all lived within walking distance of the King Emperor of Austria-Hungary.

Joseph Stalin: Future ruler of the USSR.
Adolph Hitler: Future ruler of Germany.
Sigmund Freud: The most famous psychiatrist to ever live.
Trotsky: The man who reinvented Marxism.
Emperor Franz Joseph: Then Ruler of Austria-Hungary.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand: Ruler-to-be and whose death sets off WW1 the following year.

That they had Germany in large numbers addicted to drugs and listening only to propaganda.

However that’s a more dense topic, so instead let’s switch back to Epstein. Focusing on that one event may well help you see just how persvasive all of this is.

So when Epstein was nearly killed – did you know there was a “mint condition” burger found far away from an In-N-Out burger?

In-N-Out = get in -> KILL-> Get out ASAP!

Thus the news story about the In-N-Out burger being in “Pristine condition” means the kill didn’t go thru! (Does it make a little more sense why these kinds of arbitrary non news stories hit the news now)?

And then after he died.

08/15/2019 Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger in first photos since his death Reading “The Book: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,” a nonfiction best-seller.

  • 1 In- Phone Camera visible – Glasses Off
  • 2 N- Phone Camera visible – Glasses Off (stripe shirt nearby) (closed eye comms i.e. man not aware of comms)
  • 3 Out-Phone Camera not visible Put on disguise (Stripe shirt nearby i.e. witness is fine for transition, so long as not seen by camera)
  • 4 No one around! – “Dog” with leash is noose + trade

But that’s just one part of how all this works

Another example is how Modern films are used to send messages I’ve decoded many movies, this one is about Wall-E and how it sends a message about Al Waleed and how they were going to use a mass doxxing of internet history for a new kind of blackmail. A plan that was thwarted by the November 2017 arrests.

In some cases you’ll have people with Q level access leak info then that info gets sent to agents who create a small “event” – which then in turn is picked up by MSM which spreads it. It’s a way to give classified data to the clowns while avoiding the masses.

For the most part it’s enough to know that viewing symbolism as part of the world is the largest step in going from being a member of the brainwashed to the elite.

Because at that point even the clowns that lead patriots astray by explaining comms incorrectly become clearly visible, because they too coordinate using symbolism comms.

Comms used that tell other clowns what they are in the grand scheme of things. Other comms that scream to those that control the algo’s “Promote me!” – and all those not using these comms simply go ignored.

This is why they NEED SYMBOLISM – because it is what allows them talk with sheep right in front of them yet only the other shepherds hear what they are really saying.

The Alex Jones types in the world do not decode anything, instead they would have you believe cult activity is cloak and daggers with baby eating sacrifices.

This imagery and anything like it is getting you to stop using critical thinking. To stop thinking other people are real human beings and just view them as insane monsters. Do that and you will never be able to decode because you won’t be able to apply logic to any situation.

And this goes for both sides!

When I talk about the Patriots saving the world, some imagine a scene with people being directed like a Nasa control room.

Evil happens and Patriots bust down the door saving the day.

There are element of truth to this, Trump being the Commander and chief of the military, but you can’t apply this truth to the comms world.

Why? Because the comms world hides in plain sight!

Think about that. It means that people involved in comms are surrounded by people at all times that are not comms aware. This includes the military and law enforcement.

Therefore people in the comms world have legitimate jobs. They are a “plant” be it patriot or clown in a position that has no indication they are anything but a regular worker. It’s the CIA template but not tied to any specific agency.

When they get a call to action, that action will not be outside the law, many clowns are therefore immune from direct action by law enforcement. That is why public awareness of this secret world of symbolism is the only way to counter it.

Wait… but if they aren’t breaking the law, what the heck are all the sealed cases about?

The answer is many are breaking the law, but that’s not because they are using comms. They break the law for their own reasons, just as many get blackmailed at their own discretion. They get complacent in a position of power and get sloppy, just as Q said.

If they hadn’t been sloppy there would be no sealed cases, what is being prosecuted is not involvement in the cult, but individual people who have broken the law and some of which happen to be a part of a cult.

Not all of them are sloppy, and the ones that aren’t still have plenty of power.

Let’s use the George Floyd murder as an example. How did that operation work?

Well, first thing they needed was a plant, that’d be Derek Chauvin. Note he was the officer in command and he was training new officers on the scene.

This is why as Chauvin broke regulation after regulation the other officers did nothing to reign him in.

But it takes much more than that to set up an op like this.

An op like this required extensive schedule coordination as well as awareness of the victim. That’s why the perpetrator and victim were co-workers.

05/29/2020 George Floyd and cop who knelt on his neck before his death worked TOGETHER at the same Minneapolis club just months earlier

And furthermore Chauvin was largely off the radar, a “Spook”

Poster is the famous Google Whistleblower

This Spook lifestyle is likely how he evaded detection as he moved into position when necessary to act as necessary.

It still takes more than that, they then have to coordinate the outrage.

08/03/2020 ABC Spikes Leaked Video of Floyd Arrest, CBS/NBC Edit Out ‘Stop Resisting’

That means they needed to send comms letting other clowns know that tomorrow be prepared to “Stoke a fire” in the form of a murder someone was about to start.

“Stoking” fires. Killing Eve = Day before murder.

  • 05/24/2020 Taylor Swift “Killing Eve” hit song “Look what you made me do”
  • 05/25/2020 George Floyd Murder leads to rioting for months.
  • 05/29/2020 Biden congratulates “Swift action”
  • 05/29/2020 Taylor Swift blasts Trump for Floyd riots

This blog is dedicated to shining a light on the dark side of the moon.

You likely did not have had the advantage of being taught the true form of the world when you were a child, but it’s never to late learn a new language.

Imagine comms as if they were mathematics. They can get stupidly complex, but do you use stupidly complex math in your day-to-day life?

Of course not, most that use math daily is going to stick with the simple kind. The same is true for symbols.

This is why it’s entirely possible for you to understand comms!

I have a giant list of symbols here but there’s a disclaimer above it all for a reason. That disclaimer asserts that you must not rely on a list of symbols for decoding because literally anything can be used to send a message.

All symbolism works for comms. You won’t learn comms as a language by memorizing specific ones, you learn it by understanding context and then interpreting what is presented.

If you try and decode something only by the symbols then you have already damaged your ability to decode it. If you don’t know the situation how can you possibly interpret the symbol? Decoding comes AFTER examining context.

Time after time I see people try too hard and mis-read comms. It’s really easy, children can do it, anyone can.

Think about it this way, Comms have to be simple enough that senile 80 year olds in congress have to be able to use them.

This brings us back to what the “Patriots” in control even means.


This misconception that there is some kind of mysterious world military that knows all and could do all but choose not to needs to stop.

It’s more like this.

It’s just awesome people all around the world coordinating to make the world a better place.

REAL PEOPLE with jobs that have a secret. They communicate using regular computers and phones (often on their own time) surrounded by people who aren’t comms aware. These are the heroes that are saving the world as the legs of the ops.

There is a military component as well, but that too exists in this paradigm of 1 Plant who is comms aware surrounded by 20 or so people who aren’t. Which means those military operations have major limitations.

Trump was never the King of the world. Yes he commanded the military, but even this most powerful position doesn’t have law breaking built into it. He has always been bound to the law, and any he commands are also bound to the law.

When I hear people talking about why patriots aren’t doing X or Y…. these limitations are why. Unless you would ask a random guy you’ve never met down the street to die for your wishes that’s not an option.

Neither the patriots nor the cabbal have absolute power, and obeying the laws of hundreds of countries is not an easy task.

There is a network of patriots and each one is inside a family with a job hiding in plain sight. When a situation arises (like seeing comms that imply evil is being coordinated) they then report it to other comms aware people using comms.

If necessary they would then contact law enforcement to try and make a move to avoid a tragedy. In most cases it would be non-comms aware people handling the situation at the end point. Even if it is someone comms aware, they would not be able to much outside of bend the rules of their position to whatever effect is necessary,

They are not a godlike force, it’s regular people with regular jobs, they just have better intel gathering and networking skills than most have.

Like this example from a kids show talking about the conspiracy world. That it’s not a single entity that is fought, but a complex network of interrelated forces that nobody can control. That is how they view it, and it’s the most apt interpretation.

Some are military, but again, it’s not a command room situation It’s regular rank and file jobs so that they hide in plain sight, and hiding is important because if clowns knew exactly which person tipped off which person each time, well they would go after them. Secrecy is a means for protection. And when it gets compromised?

The nature of the comms system bites them in situations like that, their great protection is also their weakness.

Clowns do not have a cheat sheet telling them who every clown is, they only identify themselves at their own discretion. If they choose not they can remain invisible to all sides for any period of time they choose.

To make oneself visible is dangerous, the real world is dangerous, and threats are real, the risk of family is real, when people choose to act against the evil in this world they are patriots.

You may wonder how to reconcile my post, after all, if everything hides in plain sight, how on earth could anyone have a way to kill someone else?

The answer is MK Ops are the backbone of the clowns, and it’s what is used to strike back against any that are deemed enemies.

Big money + Enemies + a desire to never go to jail is why MK exists.

it’s a way for the rich to hire killers and other mayhem. For the perpetrators it’s a voluntary system! The perpetrators take on 100% of any risk.

Why would they do that? It’s a way to move up in the world for them. They sacrifice one of their children to create an asset to be used by the rich. If successful the rich that desired the ops gifts them. Not directly of course, but this is where it pays for all the companies to be connected. There’s a million ways to fund it. And not just with money, but fame and power.

They already proved their loyalty after all thru the sacrifice. That’s how you get your foot into the door of the most exclusive club in the world!

Let me say that again: The rich that finance MK into action DO NOT HAVE DIRECT TIES TO MK.

Or as Q put it: Non_Stick.

Families take it upon themselves to MKUltra their kids, they know the richest people in the world want brainwashed killers. It’s the law of supply and demand. If the rich want that combination of murder on demand + no risk to themselves… they just have to pay a heck of a lot to get it.

And because the rich used comms to signal their desire of target there is still no connection to be prosecuted for it, even when they give go codes for mass murder of children.

MK ops are self contained bubbles built specifically to avoid liability by making it so that the brainwashed is the one that makes the decisions. They think they choose the target, they think they choose the day. Just like Jason Bourne.

And just like Jason Bourne he “chooses” because he is programmed with a broken mind to do so.

In reality MK subjects have been traumatized from a young age to create a “Suggestive State” making them easy to influence. They are programmed to act, but they think it’s their own choice.

They are kept as an army of sleepers all over the world ready to be activated when someone with enough money buys their services.

Activation takes the form of exposing the brainwashed to the stimuli that they know will push them over the edge into action. Like convincing them the heroic thing to do is taking out JFK.

That bit above was probably one of hundreds of distinct pieces to the puzzle of getting the insane to act. They would also have people at their side feeding them the idea that they will be heroes if they do it. They might “miraculously” get access to Hollywood in direct relation to how well they obey orders.

All the MK enablers have to do once they have a prime subject is make sure they have the tools necessary to do it. Sometimes that can lead to law breaking, but for the most part they are untouchable so long as comms based ops remain invisible to the public.

This is why media I decode commonly promote MKUltra, because they want more cells that voluntarily sacrifice their kids to become the tools of the elites.

If you want to make it big thru the media you have to send comms that align with the views of those who have money and power. They know the guys with money will be more likely to support what they want to do if they send a message that aligns with the interests of those with big money.

Why is it taking years for patriots to fix?

Why can’t they just run in and grab such people and put the dangerous ones all in a sanitarium and fix the problem overnight?

I already explained why, because we aren’t governed by a King that can choose which laws to obey and the comms system is built to hide in plain sight.

Take a step back and consider the shape of the world. Both sides are made up of comms aware people with regular jobs. Neither the company they work for nor the people speak openly about anything they secretly do. They don’t talk about comms, they simply used them to get ahead in life.

How do they get ahead?

People inside the same comms club help each other. As plants they give vines for others like themselves to climb up.

And because there are so many MK Cells out there anyone that takes action against this system is killed.

So how could patriots fix something in this environment? Well, the bare minimum would be a World Wide lockdown, background checks on all criminals and an incredible amount of time to process legal cases.

What has been happening in the world again?

Take a look at the NSA/CIA.

NSA specifically calls PSL out as “Paid Sick Leave” as in the way the world has been since early 2020.

Note also both CIA and NSA talking about “anticipating things before they happen” – in the NSA’s case they sandwich how they are “Adapted to the next threat” in-between talking about Paid Sick Leave. Specifically with someone whose name is phonetically New Burger. A comm for 187’s.

And these comms go back a long way, however don’t misunderstand, they weren’t patriot ops originally.

Patriots simply walk through the door opened by the other side.

And now countdowns are coordinating the phase transitions. We are just about to hit a big one!

  • 09/26/2020 Joe Biden: ‘I Got to the Senate 180 Years Ago’  
  • +180 Days
  • 03/25/2021 Joe Biden: ‘When I came to the U.S. Senate 120 years ago
  • 03/25/2021 Olympic Torch Begins 121-day Journey Around Japan in Nuclear Disaster Fukushima 
  • +119 Days
  • 07/22/2021 Joe Biden: “Way back 150 years ago when I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee we spent a lot of time working on…”
  • 07/22/2021 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony kicks off Summer Games like no other  
  • +150 Days
  • 12/19/2021

Reconcile that countdown with the Olympics that take place alongside it, these are comms of WORLD WIDE CHANGES. MILITARY!

Understanding comms frees you from the fear every time a clown tries to gaslight you over the next terror. Things like vaccines.

12/16/2021 Biden predicts “Dark Winter” ‘winter of death’ for unvaxxed

Let me give my opinion on this here since it’s the largest issue people who come here complain about.

I’m fully vaxxd and so is everyone I know IRL I’ve also had clowns react to my vaxx stuff in ways that made it clear who the main pusher of the panic was.

It’s fine to refuse vaccination, some patriots are and that tells me this is not a hill to die on either way.

My perspective is the entire covid world going on right now is a way to force a bunch of otherwise uncooperative powerful people into compliance with dismantling the evil parts of clown world. (and keeping criminals in place rather than fleeing) Shutting down the drugs, trafficking, MK, etc.

The environment necessary for this to continue requires SOME of what we see, and SOME is an important thing to highlight because anyone pushing panic is not part of these machinations, they are instead trying to turn the ops into becoming so untenable that they break and then evil can return.

At least the ones that know what they are doing are, many people are completely ignorant to the larger game and rail against it. Patriots included, and that’s fine, nobody should be required to get a vaccination. It will in my view do nothing except potentially make someone more in compliance with the law and companies. And those companies that are forced into compliance, as well as those that get oodles of gov money for it are all different parts of the bigger picture. Funding some entities to pull ops, and in other cases forcing certain people to expose themselves to being run thru a background check for warrants

Or I could be wrong! I’m not always right, and here I welcome scrutiny. Even though I’m not always right I do show you exactly why I think what I think at every stage.

I suggest clicking on Post List to begin and just picking a topic or person of interest to you. You won’t get it right away, but over time it may just click.


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