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Comms List – Short/Placeholders

WIP – Vast Majority are not included

Note that most symbolism comms do not need descriptions here as all symbolism works for comms. (I’d literally need a a thousand dictionaries to include every concept) the ones here are either special comms that most wouldn’t think to associate the symbolism with the thing itself, or ones that are common enough that are akin to building blocks for more complex comms.

Note that for any linked article that doesn’t look like it pertains to the comm in question – it means somewhere in the post is an example of the type of symbolism fully decoded. Ctrl + F to find it.

A. Animal Comms: “Pets” are frequently used for long term comms over social media to give updates on controlled individuals.

  1. Dog = Pets. Dog’s are common symbolism used all sorts of ways to communicate. Most commonly they define a relationship with one person (dog) working diligently on behalf of another (Master). Defining characteristics: Leashed, loyal, and they bury things. Dog names, colour, breeds, etc all can further define a comm.
  2. Cat = Pet. Owning a “cat” is such a common practice that it’ll be the specific details like breed and activity that give away the meaning. In general it’s a “Commitment” a commitment between the strings and those above for a mission. It’s pretty much the same as dog comms only it can be used in different ways due to the distinctive attributes. It’s used more by Rothschild than Saud.
  3. Dolphin = Computer user: Clicking sounds dolphins make equate to a keyboard. Additionally they live under water and water = info
  4. Manatee = Blackmail history: It’s said in culture that these creatures are the origin of “Mermaid legends” but they are ugly “sausages of the sea” reconcile. A giant ugly “Sausage” is mistaken for Beautiful young siren”Mermaid” (tricked by the pretty face when it’s really an Epstein/Hefner blackmail trap)
  5. Horse = Election candidate: Race Horses are expensive and often owned by multiple billionaires in a pact. Such things can symbolize an alliance to support a candidate. The sport itself can be used to send messages about how the “movie” they have planned for the election will play out.
  6. Owl = Secretive darkness operator that eats “rats”
  7. Snake = Separate entities with aligned goals joining together as one. (not necessarily good or evil comms)
  8. Penguin = Secret Agents (suit wearing comm) – Note “Playboy” was originally he name for a Disney Penguin.
  9. Rabbit = Sex Focused/Magic
  10. Duck = Ducking (Avoiding punishment)
  11. Pig = Ham Radio (Signals to duck NSA i.e. Nellie Ohr )
  12. Frog = Transformation ( tadpole ->frog)
  13. Ferret = To ferret something out i.e. comms for an op of searching
  14. Lion = Top: As in King of the Jungle, often used to define the current POTUS. I’ve decoded it being used for both Trump and Obama when each were in the position.
  15. Cow = Milking (like milking a story or anything for that matter) – Can also be used to define a well endowed woman.
  16. Chicken = Coward
  17. Elephant = Republican
  18. Donkey = Democrat
  19. Turkey = CIA Agent
  20. Sheep = The masses following a shepherd, doing as told and livestock.
  21. AI = Public at large as a whole- Programmed to act/react- I know this isn’t an “animal” but symbolically it works the same as sheep comms only with a distinction of allowing for tech lingo in the comms.
  22. Cicada “rebirth” bugs who go away for 17 years and come back anew. Someone getting Q info, and then becoming a new cell

B. Number Comms: They can be invoked via the number itself or by using a set of things like a sequence of images with the number comm being the “wink” to send a message. It’s also commonly used with videos via the timecodes (disinfo for example will often put a wink at a timecode comm so that clowns know to promote it), or in articles with the specific word in a paragraph, and many more.

  1. 666/66/6 – Now you are surely aware of 666, but 66/6 are also frequently used when 666 would be illogical (like when the number set involves less than 100 or 10) 6 is an extremely common number tho, so never use it as the basis for the comms identification. It’s easier to notice it via grammatical choices “errors” and timecode usage.
  2. 9/99/999 – This is 6 but flipped. Thus it’s used to define someone who has betrayed the 666. 6->9
  3. 17/Q – Q is the 17th letter and Q just so happens to be the designation for the highest level of classification – therefore 17 is often used to denote something is very secret.
  4. 187 – Penal code for Murder. Frequently used in pop culture to define murder, very frequent in comms.
  5. 33 = Building/Freemasonry Involved in secret arts -> awareness and participation with others in building, but not motivation. i.e. can be good or evil
  6. 23 = Grand Jury Size
  7. 13 = Unlucky Number/Target
  8. 4 = Four invoking golf comms of FORE: a warning of something to hit in the near future.

C: Object comms

  1. Pumpkin = Scare ops (Carving pumpkin = Creating a “scare”)
  2. Ring = Control over large group. (Solemani/HRC/Podesta all wear/wore them)
  3. Dog Leash = Control of a specific “dog” (see above dog comms) – Can be inverted via dog holding leash to mean unleashed meaning dog is about to make a big action.
  4. Diamond = Materials held forever (often blackmail) – I’ve seen this used frequently both for blackmail and evidence (which is often blackmail) – I suspect it invokes wedding ring symbolism as in forever owned by another.
  5. Soccer Ball = International Handoff – (Future post to discuss a lot of new finds on this one)
  6. Pizza = Delivery: Person to person (Sometimes used for 187 comms, but there are other ways it can be used)
  7. Ice Cream = Clown/I Scream Assassination/terror context (future post)
  8. Shoes = boots on the ground (people moved into position)
  9. Noose = Death
  10. Red Shoes = Red Carpet (Star power incoming)
  11. Skiis = Not Stopping
  12. Watch = Timetable Defined
  13. Egg = Seeding a New Territory/ops
  14. Coffee = Mockingbird Reporting (Filtered/Heated/Black)
  15. Hat = Job (Wears many hats)
  16. KFC = The Art of “Cooking” “Chicken” – Meaning scaring people. Threats of MSM humiliation, blackmail exposure, financial ruin, arrests or just outright murder. There are many things that can apply pressure to people and based on a recent decode I’ll make into a post at some point, this seems to be what KFC is used to symbolize.
  17. Allen/Allan = Common name for “hex key” – an “L” shaped tool used to screw hexagonal sockets in heads = Symbolizes MKUltra head screwing often used as a name phonetically.

D: Science Comms

  1. Asteroids: Rocks with potentially precious metals inside moving towards Earth: Various funded Agent Ops that are working towards a goal. (Boots on ground) Can define a wide variety of things.
  2. Comet: = Comets have a”tail/tale” and are made of “water” (water=info) COM-ET: Comet Comms are similar to asteroids and often in articles this confusion is part of the story. The difference is not one I’ve 100% identified but it seems to be a less standard operation that’s focused on spreading intel. I will lay out examples in future posts that will help demonstrate this.
  3. Comet/Asteroid Tracking: Updates from eyes inside or around ops giving timetables and details. Symbolism in article defines specifics.
  4. Moon = A defining characteristic of the Moon is its “dark side” forever hidden from public view – and this is one reason in symbolism comms it can represent a secret location where something is.
  5. Nuclear = Complete Explosive Secret Information.
  6. Uranium = incomplete explosive secret info i.e. video feeds un edited and photos untouched and protected.
  7. Uranium Enrichment = Funding agents in powerful positions to engage in ops with blackmail controls. En RICH ment
  8. Arecibo = 5 Eyes (Most powerful RADIO telescope in the world)

E: Planetary Comms (Defines types of ops to join/ actions to take) – Original symbolism was made more complex in recent decades due to space agencies. Original symbolism utilizes the “gods” that each of the planets are named for. This more than the other sets is a working theory based on extensive digging.

  1. Mercury is the Messenger to gods = To go to Messages or creating them: Communication with higher ups usually via computer reporting in. (or in person using various symbolism comms)
  2. Venus is the Love/Sex/fertility God = To go to sex interest (Sex recreation/dating/marriage/working on having kids)
  3. Earth
  4. Mars is the War and prophecy god: =To go to/discuss present/future fighting (joining fight/op) Blood red color has made it a symbol of going to war for centuries.
  5. Jupiter is the Thunder god & king of the gods = To go to/discuss superiors i.e. an agency, MSM, Royalty. Jupiter’s size and gravity protects against most problematic asteroids (ops) Jupiter = “official King”
  6. Saturn is the god of generation and Wealth = To discuss/go to the one that creates plants/gives power/wealth (rings) has the wealth/power 6(66)th planet + Largest RINGS -control over others (Jupiter)
  7. Uranus is the overthrown and castrated God = Power stealing thru blackmail (See Uranium enrichment root Uranus)
  8. Neptune is the god of freshwater (Near Uranus – Works with new blackmail) water=info
  9. Pluto is the underworld god = “Planet” status removed for the 9th 6->9 flipped

F: Biology comms

  1. Arms = Arm: MSM Push (Hit piece)
  2. Teeth = dug-in plant: removing is like pulling teeth – People working together for a common goal like teeth in a mouth.
  3. Hair = hairstyle comms: (various styles being distinct comms) – but also by itself as puppet string comms.
  4. Tail = Tale: Can be used with ponytail, animal tail, or vestigial tail to represent a story to be told.
  5. Brain = MOSSAD
  6. Flatulence = speaking openly about cult. It makes more sense if you think about it in practical terms. How do you keep your child quiet about the cult? Answer: Every-time they say/do something that risks exposure you embarrass them with accusations of farting = they quickly shut up + instantly associate talking about whatever it was with shame.
  7. Defecation= Evidence: This is the same principle as the one above when used for embarrassment, just the next logical step. Not “just speaking” but leaving traces of evidence somewhere.

G: Mythology Comms

  1. Alien = Belonging to a foreign nation/foreign intrusion. (China/Russia) Literally that’s the standard textbook definition. It has nothing to do with the common tinfoil that distracts from this simple comm. CIA Job = foreign Infiltration = Alien.
  2. Star Children = Chosen for stardom. The child in sibling group judged more capable and chosen for success (heir apparent in most cases)
  3. Black-Eyed Children = Rejected child: Sacrificed into MKUltra (Or simply ignored and not told anything) Black Eyed = see nothing
  4. Loch Ness Monster = “Monster” with information under the “Loch/Lock” i.e. a sexual predator under control via blackmail.
  5. Big Foot = Hunter: Remember shoe comms are for agents on the ground – thus a “Big Foot” is likely a very big agent in the woods. Likely 187 related.
  6. Yeti = Big Foot + Mount Everest comms (Climbing to top of the world) i.e. Yeti is 187 that leads to top position in government.
  7. Neanderthal = Politician that held office but recently lost it. – I cross referenced a bunch of these articles to solve this one. The symbolism makes perfect sense too, it’s a being that couldn’t adapt to changing times (Election) and so the modern man came and took over their territory.

H. Nature comms Plant based:

  1. Green Plant = Plant: As in someone in a position specifically -Real plants are frequently used, plant tattoos, shirts, green dyed hair and so on. The type of plant can make for a more complex comm. A simple household potted plant is very different than a giant tree after all.
  2. Blue Water = Information: Because plant = plant, what can you do with a real “plant” to send a message? The simplest things that can be done inconspicuously are giving it water and sunlight. And since the #1 thing needed to convey in the spyword is getting “info” to “plants” – water was likely the only logical choice to represent this.
  3. Yellow Sunlight = Reward: Plants being put out in the “sun” so they can “grow” can be funding, or many other types of support. It’s the reward plant’s work for.

I: Colour Comms

  1. Green = Ally (Plant)
  2. Yellow = Reward (Sushine)
  3. Blue = Info(Water) /Democrat = End (Sunset)
  4. Red = Various – This one is really contextual – it can connect to plant comms in some cases as “fire” spreading to punish – but it’s also used for communism
  5. Tiffany Blue = Private Info (Tiffany Blue is a trademarked colour) + Diamond connotation (diamond comms above)
  6. Dark = Hidden
  7. Light = Visible
  8. Dark -> Light = To Make Visible
  9. Blue -> Green = Info To Plants
  10. Black & White = Clearly defined without any room for confusion.

J: Name Comms

  1. Hussein
  2. No Name McCain
  3. Azealia Banks
  4. Banksy
  5. Elon
  6. Barnum

K: Letter Comms

  1. F= 6 (Same as 6 symbolism above in some contexts)
  2. Q=17 = Kept Secret
  3. O= Ring (Control)
  4. Z = Sleep (Putting something unwanted as active to passive)
  5. AB = Experiment/New Venture
  6. MK = Mien Kampf = Brainwash

L: Other sections I’ll fill out later include, /Music/Geography/Poses and a ton more that aren’t coming to mind)

22 thoughts on “Comms List – Short/Placeholders

  1. Dan posting a pic of DJT and Jack Nicklaus (The Golden Bear) at his gold club in Jupiter. There was news on 2/24 about asteroids hitting Jupiter as well. Juno capturing images also. Didn’t you did have a dig on Juno(actress) before?

    This comes at the wake of 45yo Tiger Woods (Tiger King) accident. Tiger Woods accident comms that POTUS is no longer king? POTUS responds with a pic at Jupiter(official king) together with Jack Nicklaus (he has 3 more majors than #2 TW).

    also higher than normal military aircraft along the Palm Beach according to monkeywerx sitrep on the 2/23

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  2. Do you remember the Asian Murder Hornet narrative that was being pushed in April and May of 2020? That had to have been symbolic of something. It magically disappeared overnight and has never been brought up again.


    1. yep, I intend on decoding that in a future post. The short version as best I can tell is it was about murders. Fighting against patriots – eventually the conflict was resolved.


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