Maxwell Dominoes: RC Addicted TerraMar

Domino Update 05/11/2021!

It was asserted that the first indictment [unseal] would trigger a “mass pop awakening” – there was a countdown to this unseal and it turned out to be Maxwell.

Q confirmed this interpretation and asserted that the things that will be revealed in the future thru her will be the catalyst to trigger mass pop awakening. Specifically the crimes against children, and that it would act as dominoes for more and more revelations.

I cover more Maxwell comms in this one the ones where I actually predicted on twitter that she would be arrested in the U.S. the following week not even realziing Q had already laid out the arrest timeline b4 me!

Some of the posts Q uses to denote how big this is – including the feed posted from RC of Epstein Island and a giant list of celebrities.

Reveals would presumably come during the trial – which is set for July 12th 2021.

Q highlights the strange timing of the trial, and asserts it is to soften the blow of things to come out with +1 year of propaganda.



  hours  minutes  seconds



The link Q put to this date was to the most powerful Redditor which apparantly was Maxwell the newest link being about Bitcoin being sent. Interesting to reconcile that with all the articles linked. Buying press?

Also given the reddit connection:

07/06/2020 Ex-Reddit CEO Claims She Knew About Ghislaine Maxwell “Supplying Underage Girls For Sex” In 2011 – Then Locks Twitter Account “a potential witness in Maxwell’s upcoming case ” Keep that 2011 date in mind for later.

So, you know the basics, that it’s about child trafficking and celebrities. But what made the Maxwell operation specifically such a big deal? Even bigger than Epstein? Let’s get into that.

Now Epstein was a big deal, I go into big comms revolving around his death here – And some I don’t cover involved the attempted murders.

07/22/2019 News Reports:”In-N-Out Burger” found in mint condition in New York

07/22/2019 Epstein Alive after Failed “Suicide Attempt” In New York

Get in – Get out – 187 comm – and this becomes even more obvious the deeper you dig.

Where was Maxwell spotted around the time of Epstein’s death?

08/15/2019 Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger in first photos since his death Reading “The Book: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,” a nonfiction best-seller.

Question: For what purpose were these taken? Sequence comms.

Cell phone camera = Recorded.
Glasses = Disguise

Get in put on disguise when noone is looking (think Clark Kent glasses) – wait till nobody is around – kill and then Get Out -Don’t be seen & profit. Note how ONLY the very last picture with the noose (How did Epstein die again?) has Maxwell SMILING. What was delivered? Smiles!

Note it’s Maxwell ordering it – which really shows the hierarchy doesn’t it? The photo was claimed to be taken AFTER Epstein’s death and around the same time of her being accused which led to her own arrest, so in theory it could have been a comm to her to stop or meet the same fate as Epstein.

I just now a day after posting this over a year old decode of mine found a new comm in it – Turns out it was admitted to be a staged photo – and the dog’s name is “Dexter” – you know the show about the serial killer?

And a message back after the lunch date pic. Note the older lady with arms around neck of white dog.

Anyway all of that shows Maxwell’s powerful position in things if nothing else, and also in the pictures above and Below Q specifically highlights Rachel Chandler. Symbolism of a name? Child Handler?

Note the 1993 accuser of Micheal Jackson specifically changed his name to Chandler. A “Dentist”

100X Allison Mack?

06/04/2019 Nxivm Trial: Allison Mack Lured Woman Into Sex Cult, She Says

So to understand Maxwell Ops, let’s start with this person who is 100X her significance…. RC

Q specifically highlights the young children Chandler takes pics of.

Sequence comms: Q 3151 03/20/2019

  1. Open mouth suggestive
  2. Old man pic Chandler writes “Old Job”
  3. Addiction label (Child shoes)
  4. Pic of children photo’d from many angles with mirrors

Those pics in sequence imply feeding the perverse addiction of old rich people. Addiction was written on the child’s shoes – and addiction is the exact word Q uses to define Maxwell’s secondary role. Primary role is blackmail.

Q gave the specific method employed for obtaining children- which is thru her modeling agency. – not ethe “Controllable” part – I suspect the initials “RC” could be for Remote Control – a puppet comm. – The red shoes in pic btw – I go into here – note both have sacrifice connotations (but not in the way disinfo pushes)

Q connects RC not just to Epstein Island + Clinton but specifically to what’s underneath the Island.

Obviously you knew this was coming, we can’t talk about Maxwell without talking about the island, and note that the day RC posted that pic of secret rooms is same day as Maher jokes about pedophilia jamboree. July 19th 2013.

Note “2013” on the bottom with emphasis placed on that specific year.

Maxwell’s Terramar dates are setup 2012 founded, but 2013 promoted by the U.N. and CFR, and MSM’s Maher sending comms about it. Note the symbolism of his company.

So what is the TerraMar Project? (TM = TradeMark = owning something/someone) As well as “Mar(s)”

Maswell is introduced at the UN with the line: “she controls the oceans around the world”

Also in 2013 “I Spy” Obama in 2013 looking at a child up close.

“Will This age well” – Q says in context of the spy pic.

And a young girl that doesn’t look that different from the one in the I Spy pic.

Note that the person who did Obama’s famous poster, also did TerraMar logo.

And Obama admin that year launching a spy satellite with an octopus taking over the world. Again “I spy”- Remember the Satellite launch comms. also note the only “like” on the TerraMar page is an octopus from just months before the satellite was launched.

10/2019 “The Octopus”(Deep State): INSLAW PROMIS software scandal and those killed by its tentacles

Recruited Father of Ghislaine Maxwell to sell copies of PROMIS equipped with SIGINT “back-door” to intel and law enforcement

Video for reference, there’s quite a few comms in the TerraMar videos and site that I’ll go into.

I’ll focus on the U.N. one below

She talks about piloting her submarine.

Note the passenger seat. This gets to the heart of what TerraMar is likely for. An excuse to ferry people under the sea discretely to secret places.

he first thing she says she saw as she took a trip on her submarine was a plastic clothes hanger. Symbolism comms for those she ferries underwater are going somewhere to get undressed?

She presented this pic. A 1.7 million dollar bluefish tuna. Tuna is slang for vagina. Note it has a bloody opening. So this is likely a comm of someone paying for a virgin. Paying 1.7 million is paying for discretion. A 17/Q = classified comm. Likely why the name VIRGINia is often used for the women. A way to let the buyer know what they are getting.

“What IS THIS bluefin tuna WORTH” 6 words. Note that bluefin tuna is in smaller letters than the surrounding text. A child? In the other video linked above she discusses it further. That if there were lots of fish – we wouldn’t be paying so much for it. Get it?

The discussion is about how absurdly expensive it is to commit crimes safely/secretly – paying literal millions for discretion. In both videos she compares Boeing 747’s being caught in a net. This is not a sustainable way to “fish” she says.

Remember Epstein was caught for child prostitution years before Terramar in 2008. You can imagine it made the “fish” less inclined to bite in 2013. Thus she is giving what amounts to a speech on a new revolution in child prostitution secrecy.

She speaks about the Clinton Global Initiative + TerraMar in a “Commitment” of alliance.

02/02/2020 2005 James Biden got a sweet deal in the Virgin Islands. Called “Water Island” He was given a low price by a Mr. Green, a lobbyist of his brother Joe Biden. Who would work with Joe on the Senate Judiciary Committee for a decade.

Celebs own all the islands around Epstein, but the very closest one is Joe Biden’s much larger Island. Called “Water Island” – Note Q specifically highlights the Submarine piloting ability of Maxwell.

“Water Island” – People being ferried by Submarine? Q highlighted this TerraMar video in that youtube link two images up.

Consider the location – Epstein Island sits at the corner of the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil‘s Triangle, an area of the ocean famous for ships being lost off of radar where evil occurs in the ocean,

As the blackmailed control the media they can make a comm like this part of pop culture

Going off radar? Which is the goal of using submarines perhaps?

I focused in on 2012 for the founding and 2013 for the promotion – but how about building the infrastructure? Perhaps 2011?

06/02/2011 New “Devil Worm” Discovered Is Deepest-Living Animal Ever Found, Named after “the demon of Faustian legend” Faust = makes a pact with the Devil at a crossroads, exchanging his soul for earthly pleasures.

Think of that one in terms of the Tunnels.

Owl Comms = Murder –

That “Devil Worm” article struck me as symbolism comms for when they were building the island. But it may go even deeper than that. Consider the Maxwell Deposition that they tried so hard to hide.

  1. Q Are you a citizen of the U.S.A.? A. “I am.” (Age of Consent 18)
  2. Q. Are you also a citizen of England? A. “I am.” (Age of Consent 18)
  3. Q. Are you a citizen of any other land? A. TerraMar. (Age of Consent ??)

Consider what RBG advocated for.

Q 2653 [RBG] Why was she ‘selected’? Who appointed her? (Clinton) Remember [her] history. >

Called for reducing age of consent for sex to people who are “less than 12 years old”

Many countries (far more than shown) have gross ages of consent laws, but most of those are impoverished and all require dealing with an established police/military presence.

But with Submarine travel + it being legal anyway? Well, even IF they were caught, they aren’t even breaking any laws. I suppose that’s the way to convince the fish to bite into blackmail. Had to do something after the Epstein arrest scared away the marks (A subject for another post on how that happened)

Let’s look at the TerraMar website again…

“The High Seas Are Unregulated” “The High Seas are beyond the limits of the territorial jurisdiction of a country” Motive becoming clear? As as an official citizen you even get a Passport!

So you become a “Citizen” What next? We know it’s connected to Epstein Island. We know people tagged the D.C. place Comet Ping Pong posts with CARISJAMES. But why?

CARISJAMES: = Cari = Caribbean IS = Island – James = St. James. 3 hour flight from D.C. So where do TerraMar citizens go to prepare for their journey? And how do they get the green lights for it?

“Ping Pong” – Define “Ping”

Obama Comet Ping Pong – and the red carpet .

Likely Comet was where arrangement was made to head to Epstein (3 1/2 hour flight from nearest airport)

Speaking of “Ping Pong” comms in relation the to celebrities in the Caribbean Isles….

07/09/2020 Depp wrote ‘I love u’ in blood after severing finger while attacking ME, says Amber Heard: Depp’pushed wife into PING PONG TABLE, tore off night gown, & choked her against fridge while filming Pirates of The Caribbean’ Note Amber Heard dated Elon Musk for a while.

07/25/2020 ‘If Johnny wants a cage fight, just let me know’: Elon Musk teases Johnny Depp over Amber Heard trial, denies they had an affair and urges the pair to ‘bury the hatchet’ after actor ‘threatened to cut off his penis’

01/09/2012 How MSM kept Obama’s Alice in Wonderland-themed party a secret in depths of recession in 2009

“was complete with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Tim Burton-arranged decorations.” “the guests at the invitation-only party had bone-shaped meringue cookies and fruit punch served in blood vials.”

Pirates of the Caribbean – Disney Ride

Disney: “your 2nd snorkel stop — Little St James Island — where curious fish dart back & forth next to amazing underwater formations.” Symbolism. They have submarines underneath them. “Curious fish”

I go more into the Disney connection here – complete with “Virginia” comms – far closer to these than you might be expected.

But technically Epstein Isle is in the U.S. Virgin Islands. – Bound by law. So to get to “Terramar” perhaps they then traveled into international waters where it’s all legal? Either that or the “new country” TerraMar. Either way they seem to have tried to make it legal.

And whatever structures they built to facilitate all this was then the subject of a panic post Trump.

08/15/2019 Jeffrey Epstein shipped $100K cement truck to ‘Pedophile Island’ Nov 2018 three weeks before damning expose was released, paying for machine up front so it would arrive quicker, as experts say he could have ‘literally covered up evidence’

RC and “naked” Ping Pong

Let’s consider Virginia, Maxwell, Prince Andrew comms with RC as the “signal”

11/17/2019 The night Prince Andrew went to a ‘hookers and pimps’ party with Heidi Klum and his good friend, Jeffrey Epstein’s procurer Ghislaine Maxwell This was October 2000 – 1 week before W Bush was elected. So late 2000 the Prince goes to a “hookers and pimps” party with Maxwell – early 2001 the infamous Maxwell + Virginia + Andrew photo is taken.

So we have a basic timeline from ensnarement likely years then of indulgence.

Note these images of Chandler “Truffle” written in black on her tongue. June 2009 from her MySpace.

The year of 2009 is an interesting one for those pics. + Truffles.

12/10/2009 A truffle kerfuffle! Three years, £5,000 of planting and help from two top Italian dogs, but Prince Philip’s “Black Diamond” truffle Impregnated trees fail to bear fruit–5-000-planting-help-dogs-Prince-Philips-cash-crop-fails-bear-fruit.html

Chandler shows off a Truffle in her mouth in 2009. Which is the earliest reported article date I can find on the Royal family Black Truffle Tree story. Father of Prince Andrew buys “impregnated” “Black Truffle” Trees that won’t bear fruit = Keeping blackmail hidden

Additionally note it mentions them growing as big as “Tennis balls” – and specifically mentioning them called Black Diamonds” Both of those things are common comms in blackmail. (future post will go much more in depth on this one) and so he is forced to hire two Top Italian Dogs

Why did the comms for the Truffle hit in 2006 for the Royal Truffle Tree purchase?

What was going on in Epstein/Maxwell’s life in 2006? 2006: FBI agents broke down the door and raided Jeffrey Epstein’s $77M mansion – where they ‘found a safe containing huge stash of child pornography’ that led to his sex trafficking arrest

Pressure was applied to the Royal family lest they get dragged down with Epstein. The Queen has more political powers than most realize.

Royals pressure UK Gov -> UK Gov pressures US Gov And a deal was worked out to avoid royal embarrassment.

So the “impregnated” Truffle Trees were barren starting from 2006 – all the way up until Late 2017.

01/02/2018 Royal record breaker: Prince Philip is ‘first person to grow black truffles’ in UK

Consider the time frame. According to Q November 4th 2017 is when 1/3 of the Pyramid got taken down. Specifically the part (Saudi Arabia) that blackmails UK Politicians involved in child sex crimes. Fits to a tee Prince Andrew.

After over a decade Andrew’s father obtained the “Black Diamond Truffles” he long paid top Italian Dogs for= the blackmail was no longer held by villains (Al Waleed) holding Royals hostage.

Note this pic of Queen + Waleed Q posted.

I’ll finish up going into one more Maxwell connection.

The sister of the arrested Maxwell co-founded a company which created software integrated into U.S. GOV data collection channels.

Consider the benefit of controlling data channels to hide.

More than that, notice it was created to deal with 9/11 data collection issues. This means she’s stuck in the middle of U1 like so many other players at the time including Mueller/Comey who ran the FBI from the a week before 9/11 until Trump got in. Under their leadership the IDW was built in part by Chiliad

IDW = searchable online database operated by FBI created 2004. Much of the nature and scope is classified. It is a centralization of multiple federal & state databases.

Comey is in the middle of both Epstein and Maxwell’s cases.

But Mueller and Comey are for another post. I do cover them briefly in comms here, a comm that basically just demonstrates them being viewed as the same, it’s rather amazing they are still in control of so much isn’t it?

Clinton was a large focus of the RC comms above and the roots of major Epstein blackmail ops trace to his installation.

08/17/2019 FBI investigators zero in on Jeffrey Epstein‘s 8,000-acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico where the pedophile planned to ‘seed the human race’ with his DNA by impregnating women “He purchased the secluded ranch from New Mexico’s then-Governor Bruce King in 1993″ Another good dig on the ranch

Plenty more I could add, like HRC’s podcast comms with the erotic devil book.

Or BC’s “Friends” comms – “Out of touch” Bill Clinton asked Band to break down the show “Friends” for him post Presidency. – Consider “out of touch” in regards to the charaters on that show. And then him quickly getting together with a Rachel Chandler afterwards (two main characters on the show)

Or various comms about the larger ops going on all around them….

08/08/2019 ‘Friends’ Is Getting The Lego Treatment In Honor Of Its 25th Anniversary The new toy set will re-create the iconic Central Perk coffee shop. Monica, Rachel & Chandler are included.

Lego = building what exactly?

A case?

01/11/2021 Manatee found with ‘TRUMP’ scrawled on its back in Florida

Connects to this one.



Now you can easily get the wrong impression if you don’t read all the way through the post, first I’ll explain “Manatee” symbolism comms

Mistaken for Mermaids? A Closer Look at Manatees “I have often wondered how long those poor, lonely men had been at sea to make such a grievous error.”

“Sausage of the sea” Manatee symbolism is tied together with beautiful seducing Mermaids that entrap sailors.

Bluntly explained: Think of it in terms of people who had sex with an young girl for blackmail the “Mermaid”.

Is she the one that set things up? Literally they may have had sex with a young girl, but symbolically they were with a fat sausage of the sea. One could even say that they really had sex with Jeffrey Epstein. Hence a comm about mistaking a young beautiful woman for a ugly fat sausage. A way to say they screwed up.

So what does this mean?

It may mean this was a signal given for Maxwell to accuse Trump. (secretly) Note the “prompting investigation” as well as the Pope’s input on it. Giving agents a heads up on this BOOM – and why it needed to happen (expand Maxwell investigation) <- shows some of how it would expand.

And to that point, this helps show something important and why this case in particular is so key to everything.

04/06/2021 Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Reveals Nearly 3 Million Pages of Evidence

07/31/2019 Jeffrey Epstein faces ‘a million pages’ of evidence

Less than 2 years earlier the “million pages” against Epstein was considered incredible, but this really shows the growth over time of the case. That “Conspiracy charge” they hit Epstein with meant the case just kept snowballing!

More new keeps coming.

03/29/2021 Ghislaine Maxwell Faces Fourth Accuser, New Criminal Counts decode here relevent

Domino Update 05/11/2021!

First the bad news – it’s been delayed until the fall.

Now that seem like bad news, but keep in mind this was due to the case EXPANDING.

03/29/2021 Ghislaine Maxwell hit with new sex trafficking charges

Now reconcile these date changes with this curious comm. (I named this post “Dominoes” before I even knew what this tour was)

The Last Domino? Tour. Originally set for last year, then middle of this year, and now Fall. And today we get a final date of NOVEMBER 29th! (Still fall)

04/06/2021 Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Reveals Nearly 3 Million Pages of Evidence

It appears to have announced the Maxwell Case delays before they hit twice in a row! It also seems to confirm that Maxwell will be that last domino! Note the specific date given today takes place in the middle of the old tour.

Note the bit about “set to pay reparation’s, but not all on board” for a Drudge placement comm.

What does that mean?

Well, if the comm is in context of Maxwell, then it likely means the biggest pocketbooks in the world who are involved with Maxwell are currently accepting the prospect of being forced to pay victims. If you read my last post, this is no simple feat.

Case in point: Epstein’s estate ran out of money for victims. They are however finding ways to get the money.

03/12/2021 Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion sells for $51m with victims to receive money

I bet for future payouts they are intending on fixing this problem before it begins, don’t you?

So who would be paying with Maxwell turning on elites?

Note Gates is connected to Epstein, and has recently been thrown under the bus in the media.

05/10/2021 Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned Against Bill Gates?

Consider that the crimes of Gates and Maxwell connect to MKUltra and stretch back generations.

Now consider that two of the richest in the world Gates and Bezos are getting divorced while at peak wealth.

Some have asserted it’s a way to “cash out” and while I think there could be something to that, it’s not the only possibility. It may be more as compromise.

A way they would agree to let a court take all their money (rather than do things like Epstein did and screw victims over)

This also gives us insight as to why the FED has been pumping them full of cash post Federal Reserve flip. A way to prepare the wallets?

06/29/2020 The Fed bought debt in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire HathawayCoca-Cola, Walmart, and McDonald’s in its first spree of corporate bond-buying Note Warren Buffet owns the largest share in Coca-Cola (KO)

Note Fed buying Berkshire = Fed Buying into Gates.

So, this may well be a way to get as much money as possible in the hands of the people most hurt? MKUltra being a big one, when you consider how many have died, it’s an unfathomable amount of money that would need to go to that many victims. With the Fed pumping some of them, it may end up being the kind of money that would be required.

Not just money, but the same is true of real estate.

05/04/2021 Bill Gates is America’s biggest owner of private farmland, and his 242,000 acres could be split in his divorce

And not just Gates with the curious money moves.

04/04/2019 Jeff Bezos reaches divorce settlement, keeps 75 percent of couple’s Amazon shares

tbh I’m not 100% sure Bezos is flipped,

But given he resigned seemed like a strong indication of basic compliance at the very least.

02/03/2021 Jeff Bezos Resigns as Amazon CEO.

And given how connected Amazon is to spying, I’d not be shocked if they were being prepared for much the same.

07/29/2019 Outrage as Amazon’s Alexa listens to sex, swearing and sharing medical news SUN investigation reveals Amazon staff can (and do) listen to recordings of everything. Recordings are accompanied by location, & contact details

And so keeping 75% of shares, Bezos then loads up on physical cash.

05/06/2021 Jeff Bezos sells more than $2.4B in Amazon stock

Some people in our movement get upset at the way winning is happening as I decode it. That they want the people involved to be hung up in nooses or quartered. Of all the clown pushes to brainwash patriots I see, that is the strongest one.

Let me demonstrate why this is a flawed perspective.

So “The Last Domino” comm – led by Phil Collins + “Bank”. Clearly patriot comm right? So then shouldn’t he be praised? Not so fast… let’s consider his most famous song “In the Air Tonight” talking about letting a man die if given the chance.

I’m pretty sure it was a comm about Reagan to be taken out soon.


The lyrics: “wipe off that grin” – due to having just won the election – A “Bullet” coming in the air soon.

Note the lyrics and constant repetition of “oh Lord” because as discussed in many of my posts, that’s where the comms are sent via Rothschild. The “money” which buys such things.

Get my point? The people helping are the very people who were being fought against in decades past. But it goes even deeper than that, note in the song there’s also talk about “what you did” – because they don’t give someone a voice unless they have been convinced the person is corrupted. As in whatever Reagan did to gain their confidence, he’s calling it out.

Also, after decades of speculation, Phil Collins asserted this was an angry song about “Divorce” Which just reinforces this concept of past ally–in-the-air-tonight-.html Reagan was after all originally a Hollywood actor.

So get my point now? Both the person fighting against corruption now, and the one that back then were both at one time part of it. So where do we draw a line on who is good and evil?

Oh but it gets even more complex because they did the same thing with JFK

a self professed sex maniac that got headaches if they didn’t have sex daily.

And the same withTrump. A long relationship. And Access Hollywood video was what he let them have on him, tho there was supposed to be another.

Having been burned so frequently by puppets who turned on them the blackmail demands rose with each generation.

Note this comm being sent just as Trump was getting started.

Obama getting something to eat from “Bear” – Russia national animal = Bear.

Obama drawing the line at “Drinking his own urine” “Just for a TV Show” as in the Apprentice. Which presumably was the “Deal” for why they gave him a show. A “Ross Perot” to split the R vote for an election should they ever need one.

Hence all the hubbub about a “pee” tape, they appear to have really thought there was one. However, as I go into in the post. The comms demonstrate that Trump was supposed to fall and give HRC the big win, but he didn’t. (HRC literally promoted Trump early on proven by Wikileaks)

The blackmail was the safeguard against that happening, but because Russia also tricked them even that dual safeguard didn’t work. (and then the MSM went from loving Russia to hating them)

My point is that people don’t get a voice without being a part of that system. Therefore what’s going on is, in part, people who were a part of that system deciding to exorcise the demons from it.

A perspective of blind rage demanding nooses for all involved is fundamentally illogical. This is why it’s shill pushed. To make the environment too hostile for the veil to ever be lifted on anyone.

The whole concept of “Masks” we hear so often now seems to be what’s conveyed there –

04/22/2021 The ‘Masks Forever’ Crowd Is Real. Here’s What They Want

That all the talk behind closed doors of what is to be released to public – will have people who are “masked” as in what they did remains secret forever.

Define “Mask” in terms of DECLAS.

05/21/2020 Flynn’s name was never ‘masked‘ in FBI report on phone call with Russian

This I don’t like – I don’t want things to remain secret. But so long as people prove themselves to be programmed into being too bloodthirsty for critical thinking, it may well remain that way.

As Q said several times – their greatest fear is a public awakening.

How people “Awake” to the truth remains to be seen. Will they be as they are now and told bluntly of it? Will that lead to the pitchforks to all of them? That is what is truly feared and is the cause of most of the slowdown to justice I think.

I understand the evil, but I ask myself what were people born into a system like that supposed to do? It’s become clear to me thru decoding that many who abided by the system clearly hated it and fought to the death to end it (JFK) and many today are the same. They were a part of it, but now fight against it. Some were literally in a hostage situation where they were forced to do evil as not doing so meant reprisal/death of the person + family revenge.

In my view, the important thing is that when the time came they chose to do the right thing. Even if it was coerced through Sealed Cases, it still meant trusting one side over the other. don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying everything should be forgiven. Only that untangling the mess the world is in should involve empathy as to how it became that way.

Anyway, let me briefly return to the rich people who got pumped by the fed.

11/18/2010 Obama Names Warren Buffett, Merkel as Medal of Freedom Recipients

Warren Buffet is the current 6th richest man in the world. and it appears the pumping has led to the breaking of the stock market?

05/06/2021 Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is nearing the maximum stock price of $429,496 allowed on the Nasdaq If a planned op, it could be that something really interesting may happen there.

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