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For those with power moving their chess pieces with coordination is key to victory. Define Pawns.

Q asserted that the general populace is viewed as SHEEP/PAWNS to be sacrificed. Some of them are emotionally unstable and pushed into terrorism.

To coordinate this goal of sacrifice bluntly would be illegal or at the very least would cause the person who said it to be ostracized for being evil.

This is why Symbols are used.

Symbols transform basic communications into a business where risk is transferred downstream. The person with money and power says something inconspicuous, but with the cipher applied it’s understood as directions to perform a task. The one that desires something from the powerful person takes on that task for rewards.

The crucial point of the system it’s visible while being hidden.

“It’s always been out in the open”

Hundreds of years ago they used church’s to coordinate.

Just like now it worked downstream. Rothschild -> Pope -> to eventually the local church’s downstream, and church still play’s a role today, at no point are chess pieces given up willingly.

And this is the same as today.

12/08/2017 Pope Suggests Changing Words To The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ The Catholic faithful will no longer say: ‘Do not submit to temptation’ but ‘Do not let us enter into temptation.’

Every new form of media as it was invented has been integrated into the system. Way back to the telegraph.

In time we had Weathermen giving incorrect forecasts most of the time, because the point of talking about rain and storms is quite different when you know elemental comms

I’ve decoded TV shows that act as promotions for the MK Ultra coordinator lifestyle, that with symbolism they promote the idea to comms aware parents that if they sacrifice one of their children to hell then another of their children, that participates in the brainwashing, their remaining child (and themselves) will get a little piece of heaven.

It’s a system that corrupts as it expands, because you don’t get a voice if you don’t pay the admission fee. That fee can be a child, and that act of sacrificing your own children and/or sheep you herd for a church is not a new idea.

Genesis: the beginning.

Note the distinction even there between sacrificing a following sheep and sacrificing a child of your own. This distinction between sacrifices carries through to the world today.

There are masses of people brainwashed to be pawns, but also people who are sacrificed as children – brainwashed thru MK UItra into ticking time-bombs.

Smoke Screen Shepherding

Diffusing those ticking time-bombs, getting them to safe environments is what’s been going on behind the scenes, something my last post went over in depth. and while victims are being rescued a litany of smoke-screens have been continually been deployed.

Consider the Julian Assange extradition hearing hitting August 11th 2021 (top right) – same day Mike Lindell’s election fraud symposium, and also same week we have lockdowns returning.

Note the calendar above – Friday the 13th – a symbolic day for nightmares which Mike Lindell asserts will be the day Biden and Harris resign.

07/27/2021 Mike Lindell says Biden and Harris will resign August Friday the 13th 2021

Don’t get your hopes up, consider the messenger.

We have a man who is most known for PILLOWS – as in sleeping aids being the most visible face of Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. I suspect this is symbolism not of overturning the election but of keeping it asleep for a while longer. (until things are ready)

Moreover Mike Lindell is famously a former drug addict that now runs a network that rescues drug addicts. Thru him comms can be sent not just of keeping it asleep (for now) but also of the real ops being rescuing victims behind the scenes.

And if it wasn’t obvious enough they even had a feud play out with School Shooter MSM mouth piece David Hogg.

02/04/2021 Parkland survivor David Hogg taking on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell with his own brand of pillows.

Last post I went over how ops are shifting away from securing victims and into serious judicial matters. If it had gone in the other direction then as things heated up the ticking timebombs would have been detonated.

Snake symbolism = many people acting as one,

“Slithering up from the Amazon” Note this reply from Musk with the current stage being “Bargaining” as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos making a size gesture with his hands.

07/30/2021 TROUSER SNAKE US being overrun by freaky ‘penis snakes’ that can grow up to 32 inches long as they slither up from Amazon

07/20/2021 Jeff Bezos mocked ahead of Blue Origin lift-off as social media says rocket looks like a giant penis

Don’t misunderstand, Bezos/Bozos likely isn’t referring to the face, but the people funded thru Amazon trying to make deals.

07/29/2019 Outrage as Amazon’s Alexa listens to sex, swearing and sharing medical news

Don’t forget he just quit his job, big things are going on right now with the ops that ran thru world’s largest retailer.

04/24/2019 Amazon’s Global Alexa Team Can Access Users’ Audio and exact locations.

Here’s a twitter thread Musk replied to giving it authenticity includes Blue Origin history and somehow connects to a strip club Bezos knows.

Note the mention of Bezos hiring from Honeywell, this is where the biggest home monitoring company in the U.S.A. gets their tech from and in prior posts comms have suggested it’s a key player in MKUltra monitoring.

05/05/2020 Trump tours Honeywell face mask factory in Phoenix

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a number of additional smoke screens about to hit. Lindell’s data could be phony and delay fixing the election as it gives people an excuse to dismiss the audits findings,

03/29/2020 Mike Lindell Turns MyPillow Factory Floor into Mask factory Powerhouse

07/29/2021 55 year old My Pillow employee named AMERICA beheaded in broad daylight by abusive boyfriend 55 – 5:5 clear comms, likely this is just an op to send a message.

Mike Lindell’s most recent upload is this movie trailer from March, a movie you won’t find listed on Wikipedia or most anywhere else, but there’s some interesting potential comms in it.

About a Bezos looking guy deciding to crucify himself with rusty nails to wake people up.

Interesting names of actors chosen to play in it. One name associated with the real Trump, the other with the most famous MSM impersonator of him, working together to make a movie.

They might even begin trying to make serious noise about arresting Trump.

07/30/2021 Justice Department says IRS must give Trump’s tax returns to Congress

Planned out theatre, and even misdirection’s mixed in.

07/30/2021 Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ hits a billion YouTube views

Which is a distraction, and which is real? Where is the real pain going to hit? Assange, Election, Sealed Cases?

Everything will hit, but only when it’s ready. So much is done to obscure a deep cleaning that has been going on for years now all over the world.

Let’s go over some of my findings this week on that front.

Net Shepherds

Before I talked about internet coordination, and for the masses of people there are clowns that facilitate psychological harassment with hubs set up publicly all thru the internet.

The basic websites with a monopoly are designed with this methodology in mind.

In prior posts I showed how YouTube hosts played a role in coordination. That the most popular YouTuber only became so because he was designated to host a migration of Facebook clowns for what looked to be harassment campaigns.

The most popular hosts become that way due to the comms they send, it is what earns them the algorithm weighting.

Maximizing abuse across as many targets as possible with as few agents as possible is why bots are a thing, but bots can only do so much.

This is why shills are used, and those shills have to be coordinated to be effective.

The most popular ones are designated to send communications downstream for ops, whatever niche they’ve carved out for themselves they act as the quarterback to coordinate.

They work in concert with their tools. Let’s Players for example use video games + their commentary as a device to send a message. The game doesn’t necessarily need to be designed to send the message they are sending, but it can be.

This week I took a look at Markiplier, and he is most known for horror games, specifically a series called “Five Nights at Freddy’s” – His channel exploded in popularity around the same time he declared himself King of this series.

Note how WOOF with 100+ million views is posted 2 days after “Photobooth fun” with his dog, I believe used to tell the algo operators to pump up his next video. With well over a hundred million views it would then be a beacon.

After he became “King” he adopted a “Golden Retriever” puppy.

His two most popular videos have hundreds of millions of views and they consist of him putting putting his mouth over a bunch of different cats and dogs. Meaning in late 2015 he took on a role in coordinating “dogs” and “cats” i.e. clowns around the internet who need a hub.

I could embed them but until you are used to thinking with symbols seeing a silly internet video and being told it means something more will surely triggers what I tend to think of as a “tinfoil alarm”.

A revulsion built into people who didn’t grow up to think with symbols, you are programmed to reject the real form of the world just as you would reject things that are actually insane (flat-earth/lizard people/etc) And anyone who doesn’t have that tinfoil alarm… they are the ones who end up getting herded into believing flat-earth/lizard people/etc

Teaching something people are programmed to reject is not easy.

So instead here’s Julian Assange’s cat, one of the easier famous pets to accept as a comms vehicle.

The next year when HRC was supposed to win, notice how the Five Nights At Freddy’s series released a new iteration a month before the election themed around scary girls. “Sister Location”

I’ve gone over many comms that show how ops predated Obama becoming president asserting he would win and the same was True of HRC, and so the comms here suggested the ops run thru this account would continue.

The day after the election he released a 17 minute video where Markiplier convinces people to shoot a deer in a costume. He makes it clear only afterwards that it was a person and that they were horrified about what happened. Having them TAKE THE BLAME.

“Batman voice” and another video released not long before that involved “real life Mario Kart” involving guns. MK driving comms. again, silly video, but the sillier the comm the more invisible it is.

Mark being the face of horror games on YouTube could mean the ops coordinated were the ones preping MK targets online. The symbolism of the game he’s most famous for fits that. A game about murderer children who are already dead. A game that involves a low paid worker that smells bad and is constantly being scared, but keeps coming back until he dies.

Consider in terms of Fast Food comms, and how when MKUltra targets reach adulthood they are given low pay jobs in the fast food industry and then pushed over the edge. This is one of the secrets of fast food

And the original game was said to be a parody of a real Chuck E. Cheese massacre

Anyway, as bad as that sounds even if my theory is right (and it might not be) it’s still not a good idea to judge prematurely. A common thread in my posts is examining how the system has existed for so long, and many of these individuals were born into a lifestyle they couldn’t escape from.

Hunt or be hunted, and not just themselves either but family becomes hostages and so I won’t begrudge what might be a choice no one on earth would make differently. As I say in many posts, so long as they made the right decision when it mattered, that’s what I view as worth judging.

And in Markipliers case he flipped earlier than most, during 2017-2018. I already decoded that in this post

I believe there is an effort by a coalition to help clean up the mess, and this week I decided to see if I couldn’t learn a bit more in the comms from his channel.

He uploaded a curious video where he played a game called “Buddy Simulator 1984” And for much of it he pretended not to remember that he had already played this game a year prior in his 45th 3 scary game collection.

In the original video there was another game played that had a number of things in common. Both being horror games with fishing rod, a severed hand, a ring, and key. The game from a year ago also began with dialog about “not remembering” and fast forward a year later where he doesn’t remember.

Both games played were likely sending the same message, Games especially of the quality of the fishing one can be created within hours. They are suitable to send messages with, making the otherwise boring process of getting messages more entertaining over a long period of time.

It all feeds into itself.

A comms agent uses the game built to send a message, the video gets views thanks to the algorithm used to spread the message. The game is along for the ride, and the message using the game acts also as a commercial that the sheep watch unaware of any of the messages sent.

The messenger who made the game gets funded thru the random people watching who decide to buy.

Anyway, in this case the comms sent thru this game involve explaining how fragile trust is, and then most importantly asks for the player to “give system access” (Top left) i.e. Markiplier in playing this game may be conveying to the people he coordinates the ops for to give access to agents of 45. It being timed to former president’s number may just be a coincidence, but given all the other comms it’s plausible either way.

For example, notice the game is specifically called BuddySim 1984. Sharing the same date as WW 1984 of the same year. In both cases invoking the Orwellian nightmare

This is tied to how the demo played in March of 2020 ends with Mark in his room and unable to leave. Paralleled with COVID and lockdowns.

Markiplier also plays a role in the comms as he is the one to give names, in the original video he named the obsessive AI character “Stan” but in the new one he names him “Steve”

Define Stan: a name defined as an obsessed ticking time bomb that ends up killing himself while taking out everyone around him.

So the comms in removing the Stan “programming” – Like the public, so this comm is not just giving instructions but also may be explaining context of the dangerous situation being diffused.

MK Victims (Stan) are abused by not just the media like the general public but by their family and neighborhood. All to create a dissociative state where they become highly suggestible. PROGRAMMABLE – They become sleepers ready to be activated whenever a tragedy/distraction is desired.

So anyway, for the full game to be played now which is now “Steve” instead of “Stan” and allows the user to go outside! This might be a symbol that we are crossing a threshold away from lockdowns!

Obviously it still has to function as a horror game, it has to serve the dual purpose of sending the message as well as appealing to the vast majority of players who have no comms awareness, it has to be entertaining to them, it requires a lot of skill I’m sure to juggle that.

Being able to identify where the comms begin and end is a skill I have a long way to go to master.

Markiplier modifying the comms sent is another important part – e.g. notice how he didn’t give it the full title of the game “Buddy Simulator 1984” in that he has dropped the 1984, as in we are transitioning away from Orwell.

Many of his recent videos have been about about cleaning, but I don’t want to get hung up on one youtuber’s comms as there’s a whole world of them to go thru.

Just be aware that these people upload a half hour video a day of playing a game that reaches millions of people, they may be more than they seem.

And that goes for the game creators too, for example not just Markiplier flipping, but the one that created the game he’s most known for.

06/17/2021 Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator Retires After Political Donations Controversy “The decision comes in the wake of a controversy over the developer’s political donations to Republican party candidates, including Donald Trump.”

Most people who flip push harder left so as to keep themselves employed while still doing damage, but there are a few roles that can be played from the right.

Defense Shepherding

For example, one danger after Trump stepped out of the spotlight is what to do about the numerous conspiracy obsessed, but otherwise non-political followers of Trump.

As Trump steps out of the spotlight, clowns would step in and infiltrate and repackage.

Trump has been unabashedly pro Vaccine, and I’ve explained in several posts why, but here’s a mystery for you.

Why are some of the most visible people Trump has promoted in the past like Lin Wood, CodeMonkeyZ, and even Mike Flynn against it?

I suspect this is a bit of 4d chess.

Trump had to promote something Bill Gates is promoting, and so as shills largely promoted Vaccine deaths all over social media they would instantly pick up tons of Trump supporters to join them. How do you prevent them from being absorbed by clowns (and then being turned against patriots)?

The answer is you give them people they already trust with the same opinion you know they will be adopting.

All throughout Q I watched patriots get picked off by shills pushing anti-Semitism, despite Q never saying a word about it and Trump having a Jewish daughter. Same with Adrenochrome, same with JFK Jr as alive despite in that case Q specifically refuting it.

Well, a large portion of the people had already proven they would adopt shill narratives, and so the solution was in having patriots adopt the narrative too. This way they remain with familiar people Q and Trump have promoted. People use GOOG so much not because they love it, but because they get used to it. Same principle here, people develop habits, and won’t break them unless they are forced to.

This is likely why CodeMonkeyZ, General Flynn, and Lin Wood all come out anti-Vaxx, but you’ll notice if you view their feeds that most of their posts are about the election being stolen.

This way they remain focused on things that matter! They continue as they always have to indulge conspiracy, but they are still on the right side of it and paying attention to the things that matter!

Case in point: In CodeMonkeyZ’s case he has also become interested in discussing Aliens after retiring from 8kun.

05/26/2021 Ron Watkins Is Done With Q and Has Moved On to Aliens

07/18/2021 Ron Watkins, known as CodeMonkeyZ, on the social medial platform Telegram, observed a ‘Tic Tac’ UFO in Hokkaido Japan on July 18, 2021.

Now for the most part I think this is all comms to mask an actual op, but I think the optics of it are something else. It continues to fill in niches where people are most likely to desire conspiracy. Again, keeps the confused from being absorbed into one of many remaining clown ops.

Some people have proven they will follow shiny objects no matter what, and so it may be that they are being given them from friendlies rather than let them be consumed with hatred as most of the clown ops do.

In effect it helps keep the body of Trump’s support from breaking apart and being used against itself as other things needed to happen in the interim.

This follows with the largest patriot accounts for Q – CJTruth is someone who sent me quite a bit of traffic when I first began. Given my position on Vax I’m not sure if I scared him away or not, but I did want to thank him for that. I am fairly confident no current clown would ever send me traffic given my decodes specifically give the tools to identify and avoid them and everything they push.


Speaking of which, note how many visitors I got when I first began.


I didn’t notice this until this week, but I appreciate the message. 5:5 Q

Clearly they have traffic sending down to an art, at least when it comes to this scale, but those days were an anomaly, typically I get two to three hundred visitors a day. Each post is obviously not done for views, each one is the culmination of many hours a week of my personal research, and I’m doing it because it needs to be done.

Btw – 5:5 = clear signal if you weren’t aware.

Outside of that initial injection, the largest number of people who find me I suspect fall into 2 categories.

1 being from a natural word of mouth, but the other being people who aren’t yet aware they are connected to things. being directed towards me to flip a lightswitch in their head on.

The message btw being 55k->17k->5.5k represents that falloff of traffic I think, keep in mind I used to be on twitter before coming here, so what I do now is teach fewer people more things.

And this is why directing traffic, or “herding sheep” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in some cases it’s to lead them to truth or to keep some away from disinfo merchants. Or in my case teaching them how not to be a sheep!

Speaking of which – let’s consider another right wing figure who used to be practically synonymous with Trump on the internet. Milo Yiannopoulos –


I have no interest in sexuality or skin color, I’m as apathetic as it gets. But then the world we live in does not tolerate tolerance, instead we get faces who obsess over every division.

Few can compare to Milo there. In-between sometimes saying brilliant things about politics he mixes in an obsession over his own sexuality in most every speech and article I’ve ever seen him give.

He frequently talks about being harmless and as such due to the victim culture we live in anyone who attacks him becomes bigoted. – division tactics herding.

Many right wingers embraced him perhaps to demonstrate they weren’t discriminating, At least that was true until videos came out where he talked about pedophilia in a more flattering light than I suspect anyone reading this would share.

Now don’t misunderstand. I suspect he had to say those things in order to get promoted in the first place, much like Trump with the Access Hollywood tape but a far more severe price paid.

So, Patriot then?

I view his schtick as a booby trap. Trying to get people to view things in a narrow spectrum of sexuality instead of substance which is not just shallow, but it also creates a risk of being used. Twisting values.

Most people reading this likely agrees that abortion, late-term at least, is out of control, but having the loudest voice in the room about it be this guy?

Shouldn’t it be one of many women who would gladly take up the debate? Why must the loudest voice I hear talk about it be this guy?

Because the powers that be wanted the anti-Abortion crowd to have such an image. A guy who calls Trump “Daddy” and goes on long graphic rants about having sex with men, not just asserting it but describing it as if he were reading pornography to the audience. (I have no desire to find the clips I remember of him doing that, but I know they are out there)

Anyway, so how did he become anyone? How did they even know to blackmail him for star power?

What kind of symbolism do clowns see when they are introduced to him?

Often celebrities have names that broadcast what it is they do so as to make it easier for clowns to quickly react to them for the first time. So that they don’t accidentally set the wrong tone.


Ever hear of the Venus De Milo?

What kind of comm does that send?

In this Simpsons episode Homer eats the gummi “Venus De Milo” which was stuck to his babysitters pants. She thinks he touched her and he then becomes a monster in the eyes of the public as the media lies about what he did.

I dug into a number of the many pop culture uses of it, and it seems the comm sent thru the Venus De Milo is of someone that exists to be a vocal victim.

That is someone who can be used by the media to paint another person as a monster.

I believe the frequent part of Milo’s act that focuses on himself as harmless is represented in that name. He was built to push the envelope and make it so that rejecting him being 9000% flaming gay meant that you must just not like gay people.

Another pop culture example is in the Disney film Hercules, here he says he’s “perfect” as he talks to a girl, but just as he does he breaks the arms off the Venus De Milo.

In both cases the symbolism is of someone in a position of power knocked down.

Note the official sculptor was a “Wandering artist who worked on commission” “Winner in contests for singing”

Symbolism of hiring a victim?

Here’s another one, begins with talk about Venus De Milo – with a focus on “Swallow the Moon”

I believe the meaning being much like what they tried to do with Kavanaugh. Hiring a “victim”

Tho they say the Venus De Milo dates back to B.C. times! I mean wow, isn’t it amazing they have such detailed records on who sculpted what from thousands of years ago?

Yea, despite what it says, I don’t buy for a second the Venus De Milo comes from B.C. times. The earliest it could come is when it was “rediscovered” in 1820. It simply is necessary for it to not be modern so that it has more value. It’s alongside the Mona Lisa, which itself is an important comm I’ve went over in other posts.

Anyway basic history states that Napoleon stole artwork from all over Europe and yet just after they were returned to their country’s of origin they miraculously discover the Venus De Milo. They needed something big, and they just happened to find the perfect statue. And likely it had that same symbolism of being defenseless then.

This was as France was at its most vulnerable having recently lost the war to the the UK.

Note that as Napoleon fought the UK the United States joined for a chunk of it, and both ended in the same year.

Napoleon gave America the absurdly underpriced Louisiana Purchase which effectively doubled U.S. territory.

Why am I bringing this up?


1815 is when the wars between the UK + Russia Vs France + U.S. ended right?

Consider that after peace was secured we had this happen

Note the final observation of the scientist who discovered Uranus as July 4th 1819 – the same day Russia departed for Antarctica.

Note the new technique used POLARimetric for how they observed the comet.

Polar being a word associated with what region?

Antarctica Entrance: Deception Islandring shaped Volcano island, with legendary “Polar Swims” discovered in 1820 – First sighting of chinstrap Penguins

The major entities that crushed France were Russia and the UK and they, along with the U.S. all decided to go and see if Antarctica exists 1819-1820? Odd?

This is quite a rabbit hole…

So this is an article Q linked to and asked us to learn from in Q 851…

There is a large section about the Sovereign Military Order of Malta – a catholic group that were key players in the rise of Hitler and became much of the early CIA.

Note the timeframe of Malta being particularly active in 1565, 1571 underlined above, reconcile with “Terra Australis” which was the original name for Antarctica.

If you check the wiki page the most prominent map available of this mysterious place is from 1570

Now both Malta and Terra date back earlier than that if we go by official accounts, but I’m drawing attention to the overlap in activity.

Most importantly, note the text I highlighted, that SMOM was a major military presence in the Mediterranean until 1789 when Napoleon defeated them. The Order then sought temporary protection under the Russian Emperor Paul I in 1797


When the war ended in 1815, what do you think happened? Why the sudden interest from 3 countries who were just in war to go and see if another continent existed or not?

And then we get the Great Comet of 1819- and comet comms based on prior decodes are effectively COME ET – as in a message to agents. Often specific to moving somewhere.

Russia left for Antarctica JULY 4th! On the day most associated with AMERICA. (especially back then)

America which had just doubled in size thanks to Napoleon would have great opportunity for what?

Note the connection between Operation Paperclip and Operation Highjump. One a secret plan to absorb MKUltra specialized Nazi’s and the other during the exact same timeframe establishing a RESEARCH BASE in Antarctica.

I think it’s pretty clear, going to Antarctica is a comm for infiltration elsewhere.

After SMOM was crushed in open warfare in the early 1800’s they switched to focus on infiltration. This may be way there was a new emphasis on astronomy as a way to coordinate movements. Using a comet to coordinate secret agents.

This does open up an interesting question.

Given in 1819 Russia believed Antarctica might not exist and then they lied about going there…..

How do I put this, you know how Italy looks like a Boot?

And how Antarctica looks like a brain?

I think as far as symbolism goes it’s pretty clever for it to be the “brain” as in effect it’s a place you go in your imagination.

Couldn’t be a more appropriate symbolism comm for an agent, but, when you dig into Antarctica something else is a bit off about it.

Depending on the site you visit you’ll get all sorts of answers about how plausible it is if you want to visit it, as to whether you will be able to.

Some sites claim you can just hop on a ship and go to “Deception Island” and isn’t that a strange name?

Other sites claim you can get on an airplane and fly there, but the fine details are a little curious, the only places you can go appear to be small islands far outside of the mainland. The Shetland islands, but not the mainland. You can pretty much only go see penguins on a deception island.

But you can’t directly visit the “brain” that is, which is the only continent in the world owned by, well, take a look.

So despite my best efforts I can’t confirm whether this place even exists or not, it’s not impossible that it’s just a comm and has always been just a comm.

Just one more psyop.

I’ve decoded tons of objects in space as fake, but I didn’t expect to question an entire continent. Sure it’s on Google Maps, but I’ve shown in past posts that they likely manipulate data.

Don’t misunderstand please, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, only that I can’t confirm it. I also can’t find anything about it other than comms. Comms that seem to imply all Antarctica is, is a way to coordinate clowns across many countries with sometimes disparate goals.

e.g. John Podesta had an e-mail leaked to Wikileaks about it which simply had images labeled “Antarctica” with a Chinese headline of “Iceberg dissolves quickly”

Consider in context of when it was sent.

  • 11/04/2008 Obama Hussein Elected
  • 11/29/2008 PODESTA CHINA Antarctic Dissolves Quickly

So it’s about the changing of the landscape with Obama replacing Bush, specifically regarding “penguins” a comm for agents.

Interesting given all the Murder hornet comms for infiltrations from places like Chile

Here’s another interesting one given how Musk fits into things

I suspect it was the payment for a transfer of “Antarctica” which fits quite well given Musk is the one who seems to begin the funding for various infiltration cells.

12/01/2016 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Medically Evacuated From Antarctica

With Trump’s surprise win a lot of agents had to get a signal to “emergency evacuate” – Buzz Aldrin being most famous for being on the first trip to the Moon, is logical symbolism to represent “Aliens”

Note the placement on Drudge next to a space station burning up.

Other curious finds about Antarctica. All poop (evidence comm) is collected.

06/08/2018 Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity chef found dead at 61

Most Meteorites come from Antarctica and apparently life at McMurdo involves free condoms being everywhere.

11/11/2016 John Kerry lands in Antarctica, highest U.S. official to visit

The station Kerry visited “McMurdo”

Here’s an interesting one to relate to the prior parts of the post.

If you recall the YouTube comms with Markiplier being about agents giving up data early in 2020, well…. After “Doomsday” “hot water” – we get a never before seen island in Antarctica appearing.

One comm I didn’t go into in that video was this one.

Where the game lets Mark win and Markiplier repeats that he was allowed to win several times, even typing it in as a reply.

It’s important not to jump to conclusions with decoding, this might have been arbitrary, but since this specific comm seemed to be about flipping and involved people give access to the Trump administration…

Well, I’ve decoded before that the plan to have Trump “lose” the election was long in the making, and necessary for all sorts of reasons. And it seems one part of having people flip was in telling them what POTUS 45 was going to do, it’d be a pretty important point after all and nothing that they’d want sprung as a surprise later on.

There’s a lot of redundancy with sending comms because people all get their news from different places.

Recall how it was rigged thru “Dominion” and this next comm was sent weeks before the Mark one.

02/25/2020 Jurassic Park Dominion Named